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Born in nineteen sixty one in Brazil. Leopoldo Martins developped his refined drawing technique during his graduation studies in design. He was fascinated by the three-dimensional forms and started researching how to better himself and transform his drawings into gracious objects of reality. Leopoldo detailed observation of nature and his passion for wild animals resulted in the development of his first and unique series "Felines". In this series he went beyond the limits of the reality, taking us to a universe of beauty and imagination contemporary art scene and built up his approval into the selective international contemporary art market. Martins new series "women" is following the same step confirming the artist unique capacity of interpretation and his well deserved next step to the stairs of international recognition. HipsterTribe Urban webzine, Paris Editorial Chooser. If Art is the food of your mind. Eat up! Paris will be always Paris…

Galerie Ricardo Fernandes - 7 rue du Vertbois 75003 Paris 

Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm – Sunday and Monday by appointment only - Phone number: + 33 9 5092 1006

Written by HipsterTriber


* On Top Of The World, Calirfonia